Sandwick Water Works District



Sandwick Water Works District is B.C.Improvement District governed by a Board of Trustees. It was established by Letters Patent in 1965. Currently the district serves potable water to approximately 680 lots in the Mission Hill (Courtenay) area. Courtenay Fire Protection District provides fire protection.

Water sources include two deep wells, one river gallery intake for supplementary summer use and an emergency connection with the City of Courtenay. 

Well locations are:

Well #1 - Dingwall Road at Headquarters Road

Well #3 - Mitchell Road at the reservoir site

Pump #4 - River gallery intake at Lewis Park

Emergency connection with City of Courtenay on Muir Road     

Our Address

CVRD                                                               After hours emergencies
600 Comox Ave                                                CVRD Sandwick residents should call 1 877 999 2285
Courtenay. B.C.                                                City of Courtenay Sandwick residents   250 334 2947
V9N 3P6

Tel: (250) 334-6000                                                                       Emergency #'s Phil Ellis 250 650 3869
                                                                                 or Mike Herschmiller of the CVRD 250 218 9699


600 Comox Ave, Courtenay